• Little Caesars Launched New Logo

    Little Caesars was founded in 1959 by Mike and Marian llitch in the suburbs of Detroit, USA.Little Caesars has always provided customers with affordable pizza.Recently, Little Caesars has quietly repl
  • Jewellery And Elegance

    Luk Fook Group established in 1991, which is one of the major jewellery retailers in Hong Kong and Mainland China.At the beginning of November, Luk Fook Jewellery changed the bran-new LOGO.
  • The Small Adjustment Of C&A

    The famous European fashion retail brand C&A founded in 1841, is known by providing fashionable and inexpensive fashion and accessories.C&A quietly adjusted its LOGO early this spring.The adjusted new
  • Turning Your Life Into Reality

    The United Arab Emirates Group (ABSA) was established in 1991 and is a merger of four original banks in South Africa and is the largest banking group in South Africa currently.The new brand design ref

    The CU convenience store is a local brand for convenience stores in Korea in the 21st century.CU announced that it will launch a bran-new logo design.According to the company's introduction, the new i
  • Roca’s One Hundred Anniversary Logo

    Roca was founded in 1917 by four Spanish brothers. It started as a manufacturer of electric heaters.To celebrate its 100 years centenary, Roca invited the Spanish design agency Gimeno Gràfic to design
  • Fat Face Designed New LOGO

    Fat Face is a well-known clothing brand in the UK founded in 1988. Fat Face changed its face and replaced it with a set of new look.The new LOGO is a thick, sans-free uppercase logo that highlights th
  • Electric Vehicle SOLOs

    Electra Meccanica, a Canadian-based electric vehicle designer and manufacturer, specializes in creating innovative pure electric vehicle SOLOs.Electra Meccanica publishes an updated company logo depic
  • The Story Of Best Buy

    On the afternoon of May 9, local time, Best Buy announced the launch of a bran-new LOGO design. According to its press release, the brand’s remodeling was designed by its internal team.The new LOGO is
  • Innisfree In Chinese Market

    Innisfree announced that it will launch a new brand LOGO on November 1st.The bran-new brand retains the original “innisfree green”, which is derived from the dark green of Jeju Forest, is full of natu
  • Lenovo Logo Transformed Into Love On

    Lenovo decided to make a change to its own brand LOGO, and changed the order of the six letters of “Lenovo” and turned it into “Love on”to give more powerful feedback to the society through volunteer
  • Bradesco’s New LOGO

    Recently, Bradesco launched a new brand LOGO and new LOGO had done the optimization and upgrading based on the 1997 version.
  • Home Plus Launched New LOGO

    On November 1, Home Plus launched a new brand LOGO design.New image will be divided into two forms of application, online sites will be a greater use of bran-new LOGO, while offline mainly presented i
  • The New Brand LOGO Of Bank Of America

    On November 16, 2018 in the afternoon local time, Bank of America in Charlotte launched a new brand image design. According to the company said, this is the first time to adjust main figures of Bank o
  • Indra Use New LOGO

    Indra is a Spanish information technology and defense system of multinational companies.A few weeks ago, Brand For had designed a complete set of brand image for Indra which is a design company from M
  • One Planet,One Health

    On June 22,Danone released new brand logo to reflect its philosophy that human health is closely linked to the health of the planet.The little boy,who is looking up at the stars,speak of the endless f
  • I Of The Tiger

    Tiger store,located in Osaka,Japan,the brand introduced a new logo designed by New York,NY-based Alan Peckolick who designed the original ASICS logo and identity designed by Toronto,Canada-based Bruce
  • SEAT’s New Logo

    In the past two years,atuomobile brands have been taking the flat route,including Audi,Citroen,Opel and so on,which have introduced monochrome brand logo to meet the development demand.
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